Straight Kitchen

Straight Kitchen

A customary Straight kitchen layout follows a single-wall kitchen design with the counter area on both sides of the cooking scale. Straight Kitchens are typically meant for a small kitchen space. We can supplement several elements to a straight kitchen design including storage cabinets underneath and overhead. Such straight kitchen designs would give smooth access to kitchen appliances and daily provisions. You can fix a linear system of a set of cabinets and drawers fixed at the lower level, which is supported by cabinets on top to store crockery and common cooking essentials, such a settlement for any straight kitchen design will meet up to satisfy the obligations of any user.

Straight Kitchen Design:

Closed cabinets below and above the kitchen platform afford any straight kitchen with built-in extents to house large electrical utensils. Giving ample space to store appliances and cutlery, such straight kitchen layout guarantees easy and handy storage alternatives