Immediately transform the look and feel of your home with high quality, long-lasting, modern window kitchen shelters. No perplexity if you know them as traditional, plantation or California shutters, here at Econkitchen, we have something for every style and budget. Our interior faux wood panels are coupled to each side of the kitchen window. This entitles you to swing open the panels to obtain the kitchen window.

Louvers Sizes

All of these shelters have movable louvers, operable, so you can control the amount of light coming through and your privacy. Choose from three louver sizes covering from 2 ½” to 4 ½”. Smaller louver sizes are commonly used for doors and smaller kitchen windows. The mid-range size, the 3 ½” louver, is the most popular. The extended sizes provide the best appearance outside when the louvers are open. If you have a fabulous view, prefer the 4 ½” size.

Classic and Modern Style Options

A conventional framed blind has an unveiled vertical tilt bar in the middle of the panel. When people think of these kinds of kitchen window coverings, this is usually how they picture them. This vintage style is elegant and historic. If you prefer the vintage style with the exposed vertical tilt bar, try our Signature Kitchen Shutters. But if you’re looking for a diverse modern, modernized look with your kitchen window treatments, we have those, too. Instead of a visible tilt bar in the middle, the tilt bar is hidden in the back. So you still get complete functionality, but with a more synchronous, clean style.

Hinge Options

You have three primary options when it appears to hinges. You can choose steel, brass or hinges painted to resemble the colour of the treatments. These alternatives let you customize the look of these methods so they complement your style absolutely. If you’re contemplating to make a design statement, opt for brass or steel hinges. But if you want a decent look, your best chance is to choose hinges painted to match the colour you preferred. Ready to buy? Start with these measuring guidance. Once you have your dimensions ready, you can commence customizing your desire window coverings. Trust us; your windows will never look sounder!