Acrylic Kitchen

Accompanying with laminate, acrylic is a very extensively used for kitchen cabinetry. It follows veneer and has a finish that is high gloss forming cabinets in the kitchen look quite uniform, similar to mirrors. Acrylic finish is available in an extensive variety of colours. Acrylic finish, gratitude to the gloss, makes a great artistic allure to a kitchen. An acrylic polish modular kitchen seems pleasant to the eye and also makes the kitchen area seem larger. Acrylic finish is non-toxic and accessible in many assorted colours which look wholesome and colourful for years collectively. The finish is scar resistant. It also doesn’t hush or de-laminate over a period time.

There are two types of acrylic kitchen cabinet doors available in the EconKitchen – acrylic faced doors and solid acrylic doors. Acrylic finish doors have an acrylic finish applied to them – a process that can be pretty difficult. Solid acrylic doors are made exclusively of acrylic and their form is richer while the colours seem much more alike.


Animate your kitchen with fashionable kitchen cabinets from Econkitchen. Buy our range of in-stock kitchen cabinetry, choose for cabinet refacing, or take design cabinets, comprehensive with all the storage and accomplices you want for your family’s lively lifestyle.

In-stock Kitchen Cabinets

If you have a compact timeline and a fixed budget, count our wide variety of quality in-stock cabinets. Shop from our in-stock cabinet collections fully amassed kitchen cabinets and ready-to-amassed cabinets. In-stock cabinet’s price less than traditional cabinets, but you don’t have to cut on quality or style. Our in-stock cabinets are made to be sturdy and long-lasting. Take from fresh, on-trend, yet timeless colours and door styles.

Customize Kitchen Cabinets

Require to modify the shape and view of your kitchen? Have plentiful funds and timeline for a complete kitchen renovation? Well, you might be in the repository for custom kitchen cabinets. Custom cabinets permit you to enhance the appearance of your cabinets and improve your kitchen design. These cabinets are hand-made to meet the dimensions of your kitchen. As the name indicates, you get to modify your cabinets to be any colour you require. Pick from thousands of material and colours combinations.

Cabinet Re-facing

If you love the arrangement of your kitchen, but the style seems antiquated, then cabinet refacing may be the ideal design solution for you. Recognize it a min renovation for your kitchen. By utterly substituting the cabinet doors, you can revive the vogue and colour of your kitchen cabinets. It takes a shorter time than a full kitchen remodel. Plus, you can still use your kitchen and apparatuses during the installation

Lacquered Glass

Lacquered Glass proffers for a good alternative for modern kitchen interior design principally because of its smoothness in cleaning, maintaining, innovative use, and classy appearances. Econkitchen's extensive variety of glass for kitchens rates high on both form and purpose; it can be settled to novel uses like wall panelling with coloured glass and in forms like kitchen splashbacks, kitchen cabinet, kitchen cupboard, shutters, kitchen counter, etc.

Lacquered Glass for kitchens has its individual benefits. It has a vintage look and adds significantly to the environment of the kitchen. Functionally, it is also long-lasting and remains unaffected by moisture & scratches. Econkitchen's Glass produces a quality of glass for the contemporary kitchen that can be used in modular kitchens, cabinets, and splashbacks


Membrane finishes are amidst the most conventional materials to be utilized for the modular kitchen. They are used for their stability and cost-effectiveness. Shine and evenness are other significant causes of their extensive usages in the kitchens across the globe. The membrane finishes are preferred to other finishes often for their appropriateness to traditional as well contemporary kitchen settings. Shine and shimmer are one of the peculiarities of this material.

A membrane kitchen may not be vibrant in the feature, but their reputation is never in doubt. The prominent feature of this membrane finish is its resistance to water. It’s prepared in a host of alternatives to benefit homeowners. The lifespan of membrane finishes is very durable and long lasting. Its high resistance to water and humidity makes it one of the most accepted materials in the modular kitchen.

P.U paint kitchen

P.U paint kitchen is acrylic based crystal coating paint also called as lacquer finish, which is on a higher side than laminate, where six layers of PU is done on a thin sheet of matt white laminate in air packed room. You can choose any colour on the surface for your kitchen cabinets, P.U coated kitchen is weather resistant and also easy to maintain and clean.

Veneer Finish:

Veneer is a finishing material that is both ornamental and individual, as no two veneers are matched. You can choose from an enormous variety of classes, colors and timber textures in order to add glow, ambiance, style and an impact of nature on your bespoke kitchen. Veneer finishes comprise of thin slabs of timber glued onto a substrate of plywood, craft-wood or scrap board. There are two main types – natural wood veneer and engineered wood veneer. The intrinsic patterns in natural veneer remain unaltered (apart from an applied stain), while engineered veneer is made from a reconstructed timber, often Poplar or other plantation timber, dyed or stained to get a particular appearance.

Solid Wood Kitchen

The variety of wood kitchens in the collection are made from EconKitchen, which is light, environmental-friendly, as well as solid. They are the supreme choice when implementing wood to the heart of your home. Aired wood, such as that found in the EconKitchen's design, creates a vintage look. Pair it with a ceramic sink for a substantial farmhouse effect, and add light-colour worktops in granite or quartz to ensure the wood doesn't overwhelm the room. Painted wood kitchens add traditionalism to the room without being the main artistic feature. With enclosed and shaker forms available, the wood kitchen variety is a versatile alternative. Couple with dark, glossy worktops, and add a declaration kitchen island to form a focal spot to the room.