Components of Kitchen

Chimneys & Hobs

EconKitchen in Kitchen Chimneys is best in India. Your kitchen is the place where bouquets, taste, and flavours admix together with the family tradition of cooking and the enjoyment of spending time together. Modernity has transformed the kitchen into a place rich with consequence – the centre of household love and family bonds. EconKitchen have an extensive range of Built-in Hobs in Glass (tempered) and Stainless Steel Finish. We have two typologies in our Built in Hobs, one with European Burners, MFC Brass burners and Brass Burners. EconKitchen-in Hobs are intended for domestic use only.

Countertop & Backsplash

Explore our extensive collection of countertops and backsplash available for your kitchen. In extension to marble, granite, travertine, limestone, slate, and Q Premium Natural Quartz, we also offer prefabricated countertops. If your brand-new kitchen comprises backsplash tile, EconKitchen proposes an extensive assortment of backsplash to create the perfect kitchen. Our Acquisition comprises Glass Tile, Ceramic Tile, Metal Tile, Subway Tile, and more. Our range of colors, materials, and finishes appear in a variety of patterns and sizes – with delicate pieces to finish the artistic look. Whether designing a one-of-a-kind tile backsplash line in the kitchen or bathroom, or renovating floors, or showers with the newest ceramics, it's never been apparent to design an influenced appearance.


The kitchen is electric becoming one of the most extensive areas of the contemporary house. We know that your kitchen is a special setting that matches your own style. We have one of the spacious varieties of stainless steel sinks to harmonize any theme that you may have in mind. All of our sinks are formed from the highest quality materials while spending close inspection to the most minute of details. Each EconeKitchen sink is painstakingly crafted to satisfy our sophisticated customers that necessitate the very best. We at EconKitchen completely believe that our high-quality sinks make your life in the kitchen easier and more delightful while giving long-lasting excellence and value for years to come.